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TextMaker Viewer 2010
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File Size: 5.2 Mb

TextMaker Viewer 2010

Publisher:SoftMaker Software G mbH
Language:English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, ChineseSimplified, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
Requirements:Any Windows PC
Install:Install and Uninstall
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Publisher's Description:

TextMaker Viewer - If you want to a) open a document created in Microsoft Word (DOCX and DOC), TextMaker (TMD), or OpenDocument (ODT) format, but you haven't installed the respective word processor, b) send a document but you don't know whether the recipient has installed the programs to open it or c) quickly view and print documents without editing them... Then you need the free TextMaker Viewer.

TextMaker Viewer supports password-protected DOCX and DOC files. It will display and print documents with highest fidelity, and you can even created PDF files from them.

TextMaker Viewer is free and can be freely distributed. So, if you send a document not knowing whether your recipient has installed the respective word processor, just point him to!

TextMaker Viewer runs on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2000.

TextMaker Viewer is based on the technology of TextMaker 2010, the powerful word processor from SoftMaker that is available for Windows, Linux, Windows Mobile and other platforms.

Supported file formats:

.docx, .docm Microsoft Word 2007

.dotx, .dotm Microsoft Word 2007 templates

.doc Microsoft Word 6.0 up to Word 2007,

.dot Microsoft Word templates 6.0 up to 2007,

.tmd TextMaker 6.0 up to 2010,

.odt OpenDocument Text,

.sxw Text,

.rtf Rich Text Format,

.psw Pocket Word (Pocket PC),

.pwd Pocket Word (Handheld PC),

.htm/html HTML documents,

.txt Text files (DOS, Windows, Unicode, UTF-8).

List of Changes:

Version 2006 from 2006-08-22


Document Viewer for Word and OpenOffice files

Download Now
File Size: 5.2 Mb

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Latest User Reviews:

Kwokshsee 2012-01-22 02:07:14 #
Version: 2010

I have many English and Chinese .psw files to open. TMV 2010 opens all the English ones without a glitch. Although it says Chinese is supported (both Traditional & Simplified), it fails to decode the Chinese ones. And there is no way one can customize the encoding setting.

Does any one out there have a solution for this? If so, pls kindly let me know: kwokshsee((at)) You are very much appreciated!

Chunga 2011-03-12 15:02:39 #
Version: 2010

I downloaded your software to view open office docs. The software downloaded and installed fine - however at first would not open a file attached to an email in my Outlook 2000. Only after saving the file to my hard drive could I open and view the file.

Wrightwaydezigns 2011-02-14 10:31:33 #
Version: 2010

Thank this program is great does exactly what it says.....wonderful!

Tonybeninati 2010-12-02 10:45:51 #
Version: 2010

This is a very useful software tool for opening and viewing a variety of documents. Thank you!

Bhunt 2010-11-24 17:15:57 #
Version: 2010

I received a .opd attachment that I couldn't open and I don't need OpenOffice. TextMaker downloaded quickly and easily and allowed me to view the attachment. Thanks!

As 2010-08-29 05:03:58 #
Version: 2010

After having problems reinstalling open office i was unable to view previous open office files until i found this very handy tool.
Simple install and does exactly what it says it does.

Many thanks for a great piece of software.

Fantasydesigns 2010-08-21 23:03:28 #
Version: 2010

Works very well. I had no problems with the download or installing. Free is always good.
Thank you

Carmen Tamleung 2010-08-18 11:45:46 #
Version: 2010

This is very helpful, so I can read the attachment. Thanks very much.

MichaelB45 2010-07-19 17:56:15 #
Version: 2010

My daughter had sent a copy of her resume for review but had saved it with the .odt extension. Fortunately I was aware of the OpenOffice use of the extension but did not have OpenOffice installed. Google (not Bing though) sent me to your site. I downloaded and installed the file and opened the resume. The formatting was not perfect but was good enough to read and convert to a PDF file which worked perfectly. My daughter and I both thank you for having the program available for public distribution. I know there are many other people out there that would like to know about TextMaker Viewer.
Thanks again.

Gviglione 2010-06-10 08:14:37 #
Version: 2010

Very disappointing. Hard to figure out and did not do the one thing I wanted it to: create thumbnail images of Word documents that can be viewed in Windows Explorer or My Documents.

Nio Wiklund 2010-05-07 02:04:32 #
Version: 2008

TM Viewer was easy to install and it works. Thank you! It is an extra bonus that it can export pdf files. I will suggest friends to install this viewer if they cannot or do not want to install big or expensive software.

Denboltt 2009-09-22 02:42:42 #
Version: 2008

Works very well Many Thanks


Williamfroach 2009-07-30 09:04:39 #
Version: 2008

I thank you for taking the time to contact me. I was in a state of frustation with MS when I was unable to open a document written in Office 2007 and was unable to read in MS Office 2003, since MS as usual doesn't always provide goback ability on their software. I downloaded your product when I found that MS has a Compatability pack available to correct that paticular problem. Thanks again. It is organizations like yours that keep the intest of the users as a number one priority. MS unfortunately operates similar to a telephone company designing great software for MS and not the user.


Ashampoo 2009-07-23 22:52:31 #
Version: 2008

Excellent viewer, that can handle docx files. It actually is more than a viewer: you can make a pdf with it.

Sirivoster 2009-05-29 05:12:36 #
Version: 2008

This little program is fast and gets the job done.Just what i needed.Cheers

Bobbyphon 2009-05-23 21:01:40 #
Version: 2008

Just what I needed to correct my problem of reading Open Office documents... Fantastic..

My thanks for a wonderful product ..and I passed on your site to a couple of my friends..

Have a good day... BB

Samhowe68 2009-05-23 10:57:15 #
Version: 2008


I downloaded your software to enable me to view pictures sent on MHTML files. I am pleased to report that it has worked beautifully. Thank you very much for making this software available to those of us who are, for the most part, software challenged!

Best regards,

Sam Howe
Greensboro, NC

Stefan 2009-04-22 01:45:29 #
Version: 2008

Works perfect and easy to install.

Giguere 2009-04-16 11:37:31 #
Version: 2008

The product satified my purpose: I had a .odt document that I could not resd with MSWord. It made it fast and easy.

Ivan.delgado 2009-03-07 04:45:10 #
Version: 2008

.ODT viewer

I really needed to open some .odt files. In a first moment I tought in downloading and installing the Openoffice suite, but just to open and browse the document? In few minutes searching the web I found this application, that is small, fast and work for what I need. In this days when there are many diferent documents formats and versions, this application is a must have.

Vargaf 2009-02-25 10:12:09 #
Version: 2008

Downloaded software

Hello, I got a document with .odt extension. We are working with Microsoft softwares, and that's why I downloaded your program. The program was helpful, because I should only print the document. Thanks a lot for the software.

Jlizana 2009-02-19 09:26:14 #
Version: 2008

Great product

Just what I needed, easy to install and use.

Vampirepolarbear 2009-02-06 08:46:12 #
Version: 2008


TextMaker Viewer was just what I needed to open an Open Office file that was sent to me.

David.harding 2009-01-14 03:54:30 #
Version: 2008

Document odt viewer review

Thanks, it works - but I can't say the same for this questionnaire

Jerome.borbe 2009-01-05 22:27:15 #
Version: 2008


i suggest that this text viewer will give greater value on viewing files and for the security for viruses.

Marks 2008-12-22 03:58:22 #
Version: 2008

textmaker viewer

Worked exactly as described, downloaded it, installed it, selected the relevant application and it worked first time for ODT files.

Greg 2008-12-21 15:40:45 #
Version: 2008

good product

Served my needs--opened documents created by a program I don't have (Microsoft Works). Future enhancements might include Postscript and PDF.

SC 2008-12-15 14:07:58 #
Version: 2008

TM Viewer

Would like an easier way to copy text. Otherwise very pleased with it for my use which is to read odt files, copy them into a Word doc.

P_sasiain 2008-12-09 17:38:59 #
Version: 2008

TextMaker Viewer

I downloaded the viewer with no problems and it worked from the get-go!

Jebo 2008-12-06 04:15:01 #
Version: 2008

Help for windows user

TextMaker Viewer helped me viewing OpenOffice textfiles.

Thank Yoy

Pravin1269 2008-11-27 09:38:03 #
Version: 2008

Really Nice Product

I was really confused when I received an .odt file. But thanks to TextMaker Viewer. Its really a wonderful software. It not only helpful for .odt file format but I also found working comfortable with other file formats I will recommend it to all of them whom I know and use computers. Thanks once again..

Jasonswills 2008-11-15 23:20:09 #
Version: 2008

didnt meet my needs

downloaded the file but it couldnt open the .odt file i wanted to open so i uninstalled the program

Skysam 2008-11-13 04:23:11 #
Version: 2008

Useful Tool

Software as it should be: no frills, simple, easy and does exactly what its made for.

Kbelera 2008-11-10 04:44:29 #
Version: 2008


I have just downloaded the software to open a odt file and it has worked properly. Thak you.

Benk 2008-09-13 04:22:41 #
Version: 2006

TextMaker Viewer to the rescue!

You know the problem: someone send me an attachment without an extension. That Someone went on holiday, and I couldn't figure out what format the file was. After a while, I suspected an Open Office file, but how could i know, without installing the whole suite? TextMaker Viewer did the trick: it displayed the files' content, so I could get on with my work. Best wishes to TextMaker Viewer's makers, and a salute to all those anonymous programmers that keed finding solutions for all those small but vital problems that keep popping up in our digital era.

Sakab5660 2008-08-14 09:35:26 #
Version: 2006

textmaker viewer - great product

I had not even heard of an ODT file until received one yesterday. Downloaded textmaker viewer. No problem. Looking forward to checking out what else it can do.

Jaraysz 2008-08-04 03:13:17 #
Version: 2006

mouse right click

Hi, the software worked fine for what I would like to use (OpenOffice document viewing). One notice: should be nice to imlememnt the usual mouse right click popup menu (with copy, paste, ... usual stuff) on text selections. Szabolcs Jaray - Hungary

Stephenb 2008-07-20 18:22:00 #
Version: 2006

It Worked

It did what it said it would first time and without any fuss or bother. It's going to be a very handy piece of software.

Kzark 2008-07-17 03:05:17 #
Version: 2006

TextMaker Viewer - Very Good

I like TM Viewer because I can preview Openoffice Writer documents with it. Not many software programms can do that. And it's quite fast. Thank you.

Lowplaces 2008-06-14 22:37:00 #
Version: 2006

As easy as pie and just as good!

Textmaker Viewer 2006 was easy to install and worked like it said it would. I have no idea if there is an uninstaller with this program but it doesn't matter as I'll never uninstall it. Worked right out of the box - it even changed the necessary file associations for me,after it asked if I wanted it to. Thank you for a great program, for me it was a "life-saver".

S.Stoll 2008-05-07 10:23:15 #
Version: 2006

It worked great!!

The TextMaker Viewer worked as promised. I had no problems!!

Roo61 2007-12-20 15:37:00 #
Version: 2006

So far, so good

Much better. Simple to use and no glitches.

SantiWK 2007-12-13 09:52:46 #
Version: 2006

Pro And Con

Slick user interface.
Can view many type of documents.
Small footprint and fast.
Printing dithering may not good enough
for low resolution printer. (Dot-Matrix).

ACL 2007-07-29 08:38:11 #
Version: 2006

Worked well

I needed an application that would let me look at some old word processed files that I had transferred to a new PC where OpenOffice wasn't installed. TextMaker Viewer did the trick -- easy to install and use.

CapZap 2007-03-20 14:46:44 #
Version: 2006

Very fast

This is just what I needed to view open document format text files. Very small footprint and very fast. Much better product than two or three other odt viewers I've tried. It's time that Microsoft and Corel get with the program and provide open document support because it's here and it's going to be adopted by ever more governmental entities as the public standard.

Abhishek. 2007-01-13 23:14:46 #
Version: 2006

UI comments.

I like the zoom function, but a few observations off the top of my head.

1. With the mouse context button action to copy disabled, the C-c command should also be blocked to synchronize. Alternatively, the mouse context menu should be enabled.

2. The toolbar button allows toggle of the Vertical Ruler, and the Horizontal Ruler. But the menu only allows toggle of the Horizontal Ruler. Why does the menu not have a toggle function for the Vertical Ruler?

3. The help button in the file open dialog should display a meaningful message for the 'Quick Path' button.


p.s. Please consider removing the headline 'These are the mistakes' in the post preview.

WorksOkay 2007-01-11 13:16:32 #
Version: 2006

Works but I have a Recomendation

For my use it worked. I was able to view the file I wanted. The only thing I wasn't able to do was have it automatically convert the text to a new fromat as selected when clicking send. I copied and pasted into MSWord instead so that worked. My only real need was to view and transfer an OpenOffice document to MSWord without having OpenOffice.

Download Now
File Size: 5.2 Mb